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News : The Teaser


Trailer, first audio-visual material

Presentation in Belgrade

14.04.2014, Cultural Center "Studentski Grad"


One thousand years ago in Central Asia, al-Bîrûnî explored unknown territories, civilisations, sciences and philosophies.

Presentation of our project

Sometime before the Crusades in Europe, the East was under the sway of the powerful Abbassid Empire, and the House of Wisdom in Bagdad, the centre of knowledge.

Knowledge continued to develop, to the utmost degree, eastwards, in Persia. Al-Bîrûnî, born in this area, was a genius, just like Aristotle or Leonardo da Vinci !

But he is completely ignored in the West !

We decided to make this documentary in order to introduce him and his history to the Western countries.

We plan to go on the footprints of al-Bîrûnî. We will offer you an adventure in terra incognita and an encounter with great civilisations.

Uzbekistan, his birth-place, will be our first step. For political reasons, al-Bîrûnî did not stay there and had to travel in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan.


We will discover his statue in Tehran, as well as the ruins of his observatory. We will question the collective memory and the vestiges of the past about the extraordinary figure that we try to seize. Then, we will depart for Lahore, Multan and Peshawar in Pakistan. The mighty Turko-muslim empire, the Ghaznavid, invaded these regions and met Hindu culture. His most influential ruler was Mahmûd, the Sultan of Ghazna, the Lion of the World, the Conqueror of India and the main protector of al-Bîrûnî.    


What relation between the sword and the quill ?

Mahmûd invaded the future Pakistan and plundered the temples of India, while the ink was constantly spilled over by al-Bîrûnî.
Likewise the representative of the sword and the quill, we will traverse countries to depict these different worlds.

The Sanskrit-Arabic bilingual coins dedicated to Mahmûd are the witness of a thousand years old intercultural dialogue.
In Pakistan. al-Bîrûnî discovered the Hindu culture. We will find this spirituality near the holy pond consecrated to the Sun in Pakistan.
Al-Bîrûnî forestalled the sociology and the indology by describing ancestral Hindu rituals.

In his old days, al-Bîrûnî was sick but he kept on writing. He wrote more than 140 works, among them only twenty are available to us. His quill established the hight of the Sun, discussed different trigonometrical methods, commented books of Indian astrologers and astronomers, wrote letters to the philosopher Avicenna, described the human and physical geography of Central Asia and enumerated medicinal plants used all around the world.    


Al-Bîrûnî, the Quill of Invaders will reveal the scientist and historical value of this figure, but also a global history of populations.

The documentary will be in French with English subtitles in order to be diffused to a large and international public.